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Tring to find out if any other type motorcycle shift lever will work on a 70 cota247. some mods to the lever
are fine. I'm missing the shifter on a barn find and would like a folding tip and not to have to pay a fortune for an original.


Hello, did you scan through ebay at all?

You can set up a search / alert to be notified if anything shows up out there.

Been watching Ebay. I was just wondering about other bikes, My TL125 will use a CR80 shifter and I didn't know if there was a switch like that for Montesa. My plan is to order a Kick start and shifter Friday from Southwest Montesa. I just ordered a bunch of parts from them and hope to have my barn find running in  the next couple weeks. I will still be next year before the cosmetics are done. Also what type/Brand tank sealant has anyone used to protect the fiberglass from alcohol fuels?


I like the older tank better. You said you could fit almost any tank on any bike if you were willing to do the work. Your tank is off of an 84?


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